Teams are listed alphabetically within each “Pod.” Please use the sort feature for standings.
Starting in the 2021-22 season, each team plays the other teams in its pod twice for 10 games. Then each team plays two teams (designated by the league) in the opposite pod for a total of 14 CCWHA games. To be eligible for ACHA Nationals, a team must play 18 games against 8 ACHA opponents.
Last Updated: February 21, 2022
"East Pod" TeamsWLT PTSGFGA
Concordia - Ann Arbor111022676
Michigan State840164838
Penn State28042860
UM - Dearborn662144757
UM - Ann Arbor761154233
"West Pod" TeamsWLTPTSGFGA
Indiana Tech120024758
Roosevelt - incomplete season000000

League tiebreaker rules are as follows:
1. Head to Head
2. Goals Against (head to head)
3. Goals For (head to head)
4. Least penalty minutes overall CCWHA season

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