BURTON, MI – The Central Collegiate Women’s Hockey Association is ready to host the 2020 Playoffs, with this year taking place at Crystal Fieldhouse in Burton, MI from February 28- March 1. The top six teams in the league will play to become the CCWHA Playoff Champions, and to earn an auto bid to the ACHA National Tournament. Here is what to know from this season, about the top six teams participating for the 2020 playoffs. 


In 4-peat fashion, the Bulldogs took home the CCWHA Regular Season title for the fourth season in a row after sweeping the Michigan State Spartans to seal the deal in their second to last games of the season. In ACHA play, Adrian stepped on the ice for 23 games and finished 17-6, while the regular season champs went 14-0 during all CCWHA play. Adrian fired off 128 goals in ACHA play, and 109 during CCWHA play, while allowing just 10 goals against league teams, and 40 in overall ACHA play. 


Leah Williams led the Bulldogs with 44 points (17g, 27a) and five powerplay goals, two shorthanded goals, and four game-winning-goals. Williams sits at No. 2 for points within the league, No. 1 in total assists this season, and tied for fifth in goals for 19-20. Williams averaged 1.67 assists per game (No. 1), and 2.50 points per game (No. 2). Not only is Williams No. 2 in points for the CCWHA, the Bulldog is also No. 2 in the ACHA nation in points during the regular season. 


Tanya Candido is next in points for Adrian with 42 (17g, 25a) and has three short-handed goals this season. Candido is also among the league’s top ranks at the end of the regular season, sitting at No. 4 in total goals, No. 3 for assists, and No. 3 in points after 14 games played. Candido averaged 1.50 assists during the season (No. 1), and 2.33 points per game (No. 4). After 23 ACHA games this year, Candido is in the No. 3 slot for total point leaders for the nation. 


Huntyr Bosher comes into playoffs with 38 points (13g, 23a). Bosher also is found among the top ten for CCWHA statistics. The forward sits at fourth in assists, fifth in points, and tied for fifth in goals for the league. Bosher averaged 2.17 points per game to make her fourth in the CCWHA. 


Dana Colombo finishes her final regular season at 13-4 for Adrian College to assist in the fourth league championship. Colombo has an overall 1.64 goals against average which puts her at No. 7 in the nation in that category, while the goaltender has earned a .930 save percentage where she is also at No. 7 in the nation. In terms of league statistics, Colombo is No. 3 in goals against average in league play, No. 3 in save percentage, and leads the league in shutouts. Colombo is also in No. 4 in the ACHA for wins during the 2019-20 season. 


Tianna Lavalle is 2-2 heading in as the top team in the CCWHA Playoffs. Lavalle has tallied one shutout, and earned a .893 save percentage. The Adrian goalie is No. 2 in the CCWHA for goals against average (.47) and No. 1 in save percentage (97.4). 


The Bulldogs took home eight sweeps in their undefeated league play. Against non-CCWHA members Adrian sits at 3-6, while facing off with ACHA top five teams the Bulldogs are 1-6. In their last time out for the regular season, Adrian took home a 10-0 win over Aquinas College. Colombo was in net stopping all seven shots. Williams (1g, 1a), Bosher (1g, 3a), Candido (4g), Kirsten Horney (1g, 1a), Kelly Rae Zdan (1g, 1a), and Brittany Levasseur (2g) had the goals while Alexa Wyczynski (2a) had some apples in the big win. 


The Bulldogs earned a bye into the CCWHA semi-finals, with their first game taking place on Saturday, February 29, with their opponent being the lowest seed of the winners of the quarter-final games taking place on Friday.



After holding the top spot in the CCWHA most of the season, the Spartans slipped to number two after tacking on two losses to their league rival, Adrian College. After 19 games in ACHA play, Michigan State finished the season at 14-4-1, and 12-2 in the CCWHA after 14 league games. The Spartans put up 120 goals for ACHA play and 95 against league teams, and allowed 40 goals total this season, while just 26 against CCWHA teams. 


Maddie Wolsmann leads the way for Michigan State with 47 points (20g, 27a), along with four power play goals and two game-winning-goals. Wolsmann, in her final season, is in the top three in the nation for three different categories; No. 1 in points, No. 1 in total assists, and No. 3 in goals in the ACHA. In regards to top point getters for the CCWHA, Wolsmann is also in the top tiers of total goals (No. 2), assists (No. 2) points (No. 1) and leads the league in power play goals. Wolsmann averaged 1.31 goals per game (No. 2), 1.62 assists per game (No. 2), and 2.92 points per CCWHA game (No. 1). 


Julia Lutz has put up 42 points (27g, 15a) for Michigan State this season. Lutz also has tallied five power play goals, one shorthanded goal, and five game-winning-goals and leads the team in power play goals and game-winners. The Spartan senior sits at No. 4 in the ACHA for points, No. 1 in total goals in the nation, and league wise, Lutz leads the CCWHA in goals and is No. 3 in points for the 2019-2020 season. 


Newcomer to Michigan State, Natalia Asimakis, has racked up 32 points (15g, 17a) this season, with three game-winning-goals and two power play goals. Asimakis is tied for fifth in the league for goals and No. 6 in the points. 


Hannah Bigelow sits at 6-3-1 for the season, while picking up three shutouts in her ten games in goal. 2.35 goals against per game for Bigelow overall, and 1.71 average goals against during league play puts her at No. 4 in the CCWHA. Her three shutouts give her the third slot overall for shutouts among league goaltenders. 


Savina Osann finished the 2019-2020 season at 8-1 in ACHA play with just 15 goals against in nine games. Osann is currently No. 8 in the nation for her goals against average of 1.67. 

Michigan State picked up six league sweeps in 14 CCWHA games, while they went 2-2-1 against non-league teams this season. When facing off with teams ranked in the ACHA top 5, the Spartans were 0-3-1. In their last bout on the ice before playoffs, the now No. 2 Spartans took on the Adrian College Bulldogs, where Adrian would come away with the 5-3 win. Bigelow was in net stopping 44 of 48 shots while Lutz, Morgan Graham and Katie Krumm would put in the Spartan goals. Wolsmann would find two assists in the two goal loss.



Miami University slides in at No. 3 in the CCWHA standings this season after finishing 11-10 in ACHA play, and 10-3 in league play. The Redhawks put up 71 goals and allowed 21 against league teams. 


Sara Gargasz led Miami with 23 points (17g, 6a) with two short-handed goals and one game-winner. Gargasz sits at No. 3 in total points among league players while averaging 1.07 goals per league game (No. 3). Emily Sloan has tallied 19 points (13g, 6a) with two game-winning-goals this season. Sloan holds the No. 6 spot for total goals in league play after 14 games. Amanda Pugliese is third in points for Miami with 19 (9g, 10a). 


Ripley Crosley has been in net for 19 games picking up a 8-10-1 record for the season. Crosley has earned four shutouts and has a .907 save percentage. Crosley also sits at No. 12 in the ACHA for goals against average. Rachel Damrath has a 3-0 record while allowing just .57 goals against per game. Three shutouts and just two goals against for Damrath who holds the No. 1 slot for GAA in league play, and is No. 2 in the CCWHA for save percentage with a 95.7%. 


The Redhawks have gotten five sweeps against CCWHA teams, and are 0-6-1 against non-league teams. Miami has a record of 1-7 against Top 5 ranked ACHA teams for the 2019-2020 season. In their last time on the ice in a league game the Redhawks took on Robert Morris University and took home the win, 5-0. Damrath was in net stopping all eight shots on net, while Sloan, Darby Edmondson (1g, 1a), Maizy Crandall, Christy Von Aulock (1g, 1a) and Sarah Peterson grabbed the five goals for Miami. 



The Lakers of Grand Valley take on playoffs after finishing 7-7 in league play and 9-21 in overall ACHA play. Grand Valley allowed 55 goals from league teams while firing off 32 goals in their favor. 


Allison Stapleton leads GV with 15 points (14g, 4a), with four power play goals. Rachael Smith has put up 15 points (8g, 7a) this season, with one power play goal and one game-winning-goal. Anna Braschwitz has found the back of the net ten times for Grand Valley with one coming short-handed and two being game-winners. Braschwitz ends the regular season in the No. 5 spot for game-winning-goals in the league. 


Morgan Langhas been between the pipes for 18 games with a 7-11 record. Lang has recorded two shutouts and allowed 78 goals against while making 697 saves for the Lakers. Samantha Schulz has earned a 1-5 record while picking up three shutouts for Grand Valley. Schulz has made a total of 243 saves in her six games on the ice. Emma Hembrough is 1-0 for the Lakers this season with 14 saves.


Grand Valley took home four league sweeps for the 2019-220 season and went 1-11 against non-league teams. When playing against Top 5 ACHA ranked opponents the Lakers were 0-7. Their last games of the season were against the University of Michigan, where Grand Valley would grab the first win of that series, but Michigan would tally the final win, 2-1. Lang would be in net for the one goal loss, making 51 saves on 53 shots seen, and Braschwitz would find the lone goal for Grand Valley after a pass from Skylar Vokes. 



The Michigan Wolverines finished the regular season at 5-9 in league play, and 8-16 within ACHA play. 39 goals put in by the maize and blue, with 67 goals allowed from opponents. 


Taylor Lundberg leads the way for Michigan with 23 points (13g, 10a). Two of Lundberg’s goals came while on the power play, while one was a game-winner. Mariah Evans has put up 17 points (8g, 9a) with two power play goals and one game-winner as well. Mackenzie Hewitt is the third top point getter for the Wolverines with 14 points (8g, 6a). Hewitt has one of each in power play goals and game-winning-goals. 


Erin Andrews has a 4-9 record after the regular season with a single shutout in the bag. Andrews has made 393 saves in 13 games and averages 4.56 goals against per game. Brooke Pierce sits at 4-6 after averaging 4.90 goals against per game. Pierce has picked up two shutouts with a .813 save percentage.


Michigan is 0-11 against Top Ten ACHA ranked teams, and went 3-6 when facing off with non-CCHWA teams this season. The Wolverines’ last games before playoffs were against Grand Valley, where Michigan came out on top in game two with a 2-1 win. Pierce was in net for Michigan stopping 35 of 36 shots on net, while Evans and Erin Proctor (1g, 1a) had the goals. Hewitt also got on the board with a single assist in the win. 



Robert Morris makes their return to the CCWHA playoffs for 2020 after finishing the regular season at 4-9 in league play and 6-25 in ACHA play. The Eagles have found the back of the net 32 times and have allowed 73 goals against in their 14 league games. 


Emily Urban leads the way for Robert Morris with 18 points (11g, 7a). Morgan Donchez has tallied 15 points (14g, 1a). Donchez has also recorded three power play goals and one game-winning-goal. Rachel Arias is also within the top three for points with eight total points (5g, 2a). Arias has put in two game-winning goal for RMU. 

Annette Scislowicz is 4-14 for the Eagles with two shutouts this season. Scislowicz has made 687 saves in 18 games. Kayla Johnson has a 1-3 record with 140 saves and just 22 goals against from opponents. Madison Laue is 1-8 for Robert Morris after making 411 saves and earning a .863 save percentage for 2019-2020. 


Robert Morris has a single sweep against CCWHA teams, and is 0-4 against top ranked ACHA teams. The Eagles are 2-15 when playing against non-league teams this season. The last game for the RMU was against Davenport University, and the 2-1 win catapulted them into the 2020 CCWHA Playoffs. Scislowicz was in net stopping 27 of 28 shots on goal, while Arias and Alicia Sinnett put in the goals for the win. Urban would find a single assist in the final regular season game. 


The 2020 CCWHA Playoffs kicks off with No. 3 Miami University facing off with No. 6 Robert Morris University on Friday, February 28 at 5:30pm. Then a No. 4 Grand Valley State University and No. 5 University of Michigan battle takes place right after at 8:30pm. Saturday’s semi-finals feature No. 2 Michigan State University awaiting the highest seed of Friday’s game winners for a 12:45pm game, while No. 1 Adrian College will play the lowest seed of Friday’s winners for a 1pm Saturday, February 29 game. The Championship will take place March 1 at 10:15am. Follow @CCWHA_D1 on Twitter for live updates and our website for updated standings throughout the weekend.


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